Assessment Task Written Online Assignment

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  1. Explain how you would build a relationship within your Why is trust and mutual respect important?
  2. Give examples of five (5) benefits of collaborating in your community that benefits all stakeholders.
  3. Give four (4) examples of common blockers that prevent collaboration. Suggest the different ways you can adapt your personal philosophies or behaviors to overcome the blockers identified.
  4. What sources of information can you draw on that supports collaboration and working effectively together?
  5. When a potential opportunity to collaborate is identified and describe how you would pursue this.
  6. What is a positive working attitude? Give three examples of how you develop a positive working attitude/
  7. How do you know what your personal responsibilities are in the workplace and why it is important you take personal responsibility?
  8. What is a review and evaluation? Why is it valuable?
  9. List three (3) steps you could take to ensure a review is carried out appropriately.
  10. Give five (5) examples of criteria you can use when reflecting on participation of the collaborative partnership.
  11. What can you use to ensure you are maintaining skills and developing new skills?
  12. Explain why your personal engagement in any collaborative project is important in gaining the support and trust of others.
  13. Give five (5) examples of how you would engage effectively in a partnership.
  14. Reflect and describe on your own personal experience and how this would contribute to a collaborative partn·ership. Give at least three examples in your  response.
  15. Give three (3) examples of steps that you can take to learning new skills and knowledge from your.
  16. What are the key criteria that would assist you to identify a good idea?
  17. Give three (3) examples of the different types of information that could be shared.
  18. Access a privacy policy. Describe your understanding talking to the key points.
  19. Explain why it is important to protect your organisations intellectual property throughout the collaboration process.
  20. What is intellectual property and how do you uphold an organisations intellectual property through the collaboration process.
  21. Give five (5) examples of different intellectual property that could belong to an organisation.
  22. Describe how you would identify and allocation tasks to the appropriate organisation / personnel in your partnership. List some examples.
  23. What are four (4) steps you would take to transform a potential collaborator in to an actual potential collaboration?
  24. Explain why it’s important to establish shared objectives with collaborators.
  25. Give three (3) examples of shared objectives relating to community and health work.
  26. Describe how you would implement specific methods to identify and maximise the contributions of each stakeholder.
  27. Give three (3) examples of skills and abilities that are often needed in collaborative partnerships.
  28. Explain why information sharing is crucial to the success of a collaboration.


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