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Which of the following statements relating to stress is FALSE?

A) Stress is always unhealthy and should be avoided.

B) Stress can affect the mind and the body.

C) Stress causes an automatic physiological response in organisms.

D) Stress is caused by a wide variety of factors.

Answer:- A) Stress is always unhealthy and should be avoided.

The Statement “Stress is always unhealthy and should be avoided” is false.

Causes of stress:

Numerous things can cause stress, and different people may react differently to stressors. Some common reasons for stress are:

Workplace Stress: Having a demanding job with tight deadlines, job uncertainty, and disagreements with superiors or coworkers can all lead to stress.

Financial Stress: Unexpected spending, debt, and worries about one’s financial status can all be major sources of stress.

Personal Relationships: Stress can be increased by issues in romantic or familial relationships, disagreements, or a lack of social support.

Health Issues: It can be challenging to deal with injuries, chronic illnesses, or worries about one’s own or a loved one’s health.

Life Transitions: Significant life events can be stressful, like getting married, getting divorced, having a kid, moving, or losing a loved one.

Academic Pressure: The pressure to perform well on tests, in the classroom, and otherwise can cause stress in students.

Over Commitment: Stress can result from too many obligations at work, at home, or in the community.

Lack of Control: It can be quite stressful to feel as though you have no influence or control over your situation.

Traumatic Events: Acute stress reactions can result from being exposed to traumatic events, such as violent crimes, accidents, or natural disasters.