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Your objective is to create an infographic to help a small business owner audience understand how social procurement works and what they need to know and do before they become a supplier for the Victorian Government. This is so any small business owner can understand some of the ways that they (the small business) will be able to meet the Victorian Government’s objectives (through its Social Procurement Framework) of preferencing suppliers that have some elements of social procurement embedded in their own procurement systems. You are required to give these small businesses some compelling reasons for reusing social procurement in their business and some simple ideas for how they can embed some social procurement in their own supply chain and procurement systems including the direct and indirect social procurement approaches. Drawing upon a range of appropriate academic sources, your infographic needs to be in MS Word and the required length is an A3-page infographic. It should also: Define social procurement and the Victorian Government’s Social Procurement Framework including direct and indirect social procurement through the framework Make it clear why social procurement is important Provide guidance on where and how small businesses can start to engage with social procurement objectives Reference at least one Victorian illustrative case study example or examples to help them understand how it’s being used already Include the Swinburne Online University logo Include your name. Please note: additional items are encouraged to be added as you deem suitable, e.g. relevant statistics, figures, and research. Use quality academic and/or expert literature sources to help provide evidence for your responses. You must simply quote any sources you use, e.g. CIPS, 2021 or a website link and date within the infographic or (if this is not practical for your infographic) include a separate list of references when you submit. References being used in the infographic should contain a minimum of 5 different academic and expert sources is included. Marks will not be awarded for the use of non-academic sources such as Wikipedia.

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