Marketing Management in Business Assignment

Scenario You are employed in the Marketing Department of a manufacturing business which is currently experiencing high growth. The Marketing Director needs to launch several new brands and re-launch others…

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Customer Focus for Strategic Advantage Assignment

Scenario You are employed as Head of Telephone Sales at Crabtrees Ltd, a long-established company in a growing industry.  The industry is attracting many new competitors who are offering cheaper…

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Assessment Task Written Online Assignment

Explain how you would build a relationship within your Why is trust and mutual respect important? Give examples of five (5) benefits of collaborating in your community that benefits all…

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International Supply Chain Management

Assessment topics Legislation and regulatory frameworks International business Trends Risks Background to this assessment Organisations that perform well in terms of legal compliance and social acceptability tend to be more…

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Instructions for Group Assignment

Assignment 1 relates to the of ,the KSB India Pvt Limted  ,assigned to your group and the competition in the industry. The medium-term analysis is to be carried out for…

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The Business Plan: The Business Plan should display a critical analytical and evaluative understanding of the following. Entrepreneurial Thinking Innovation Management Opportunity Spotting Opportunity Evaluation Industry and Market Research Strategy…

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Customer Relationship Management

Scenario You are a newly appointed Customer Relationship Manager in marketing department of popular retailer Company Your job role is focused on Customer Relationship Management. Throughout the past few…

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Task One Evaluate the principles of reward and its importance to organizational culture and performance management. (AC 1.1) AC 1.1 Explain each stage of the employee lifecycle and the role…

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NVQ 3 Health and social care

Case study 1 Manpreet is nineteen years old and has learning disabilities. She lives in a supported living house with four other individuals. Katie is one of the support workers…

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