International Supply Chain Management

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Assessment topics

  • Legislation and regulatory frameworks
  • International business
  • Trends
  • Risks

Background to this assessment

Organisations that perform well in terms of legal compliance and social acceptability tend to be more effective in maintaining profitability over time. The reasons for this range from compliance with legislation and government policies, risk minimisation, knowledge of customer preferences, trends in supply chain management and moves by organisational managers to develop social licence across their supply chains. The companies that do not develop meaningful compliance, social licence and risk strategies will be left behind, and likely become unviable and unprofitable businesses.

Assessment Task instructions


Write a report for the management of one organisation that discusses the considerations that they must make across their international supply chain to develop and deploy legal and social compliance. These must be relevant to current legislation, industry trends and risk management, while setting up the organisation to remain profitable. You may use the same organisation from Assessment 1 if you wish.

Report Structure and Content:

Executive Summary (Key points and major recommendations)

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction (purpose and content of the report)
  2. Discussion

local and international legislation relevant to the organisation’s supply chains).

  • 2.4 International business (Evaluate international business environment and factors, and international contracts).
  • 2.3 Trends (Analyse relevant trends impacting international supply chain management and its implications for supply chain management for the organisation/industry and its stakeholders).
  • 2.Stakeholder Expectations (Analyse stakeholder expectations– customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees).
  • 2.1 Legal and Regulatory compliance (Analyse relevant legal and regulatory areas
  • 2.5 Risks (Analyse relevant risks – local and international – Relevant risks should be related to the analysis undertaken in sections 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4).

3.Conclusion (key points from the Discussion and an overall conclusion for the report topic)

Recommendations (at least one for each area of the discussion 2.1-2.4. For example, actions to improve legal compliance, improve social licence/acceptability, and take advantage of ISCM trends and minimise risks).

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