Assessment Task Written Online Assignment

Explain how you would build a relationship within your Why is trust and mutual respect important? Give examples of five (5) benefits of collaborating in your community that benefits all…

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Business Environment Assignment

Scenario You have gained an internship with the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), an organisation that supports UK businesses through its London office and a network of regional offices. You…

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International Supply Chain Management

Assessment topics Legislation and regulatory frameworks International business Trends Risks Background to this assessment Organisations that perform well in terms of legal compliance and social acceptability tend to be more…

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The Dynamics of Leadership

Scenario You are employed in the Human Resources Department of a business in the tertiary sector, which has grown rapidly since the last recession. The business’ strategic plan is focussed…

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Task One Evaluate the principles of reward and its importance to organizational culture and performance management. (AC 1.1) AC 1.1 Explain each stage of the employee lifecycle and the role…

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BAM3018 Data skills Assignment

Learning Outcomes Assessed: LO3: Demonstrate understanding of the way in which data needs to be used in both academic and professional environments. LO4: Collect, use, and explain data from a range of…

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