Business Environment Assignment

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You have gained an internship with the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), an organisation that supports UK businesses through its London office and a network of regional offices. You are working in a regional office in an area of high unemployment and the CBI has been approached to offer a series of lectures and seminars to support business development in the area.  Some of the lectures and seminars will be aimed at those wishing to set up businesses; others will be aimed at established businesses, which may benefit from a more ‘global’ outlook.

You have been given the following tasks:

Task 1 –

You are to produce an informal talk/workshop for people who are considering setting up their own business.
Prepare a presentation about the purposes of business organisations with supporting notes. Use hand-outs to provide detailed information which you can distribute to your delegates. Your presentation and supporting notes and / or hand-outs must:

(A) Explain the different types of organisations and discuss their purposes.(AC 1.1 & 1.2)
(B) Analyse responsibilities of organisations.(AC 1.3)

This provides evidence for LO1: ACs 1.1, 1.2, 1.3

Merit Task

To achieve a Merit, your presentation and supporting materials must also analyse the extent to which a specific organisation meets its stated purposes.  You may select an organisation where you have worked or one that you will research. (AC 1M1)

This provides evidence for LO1: AC 1M1

Task 2  –

One of the seminars will focus on the structure of organisations.  You are in charge of this seminar.

(A) You will start by writing a discussion paper on the different organisational structures. This will be the first part of a handout package to be delivered to the participants.  In the paper you must evaluate the different types of organisational structures.(AC 2.1)

(B) Secondly, you must prepare short case studies to be distributed to each of the five tables at the seminar. Each case study should explain the functions of different departments in organisational structures and their inter relationship. (AC 2.2)

(C) Thirdly, you should write an article for the delegate handout pack evaluating the influence of global factors on organisational structures. (AC 2.3)

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