Marketing Management in Business Assignment

Scenario You are employed in the Marketing Department of a manufacturing business which is currently experiencing high growth. The Marketing Director needs to launch several new brands and re-launch others…

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Customer Focus for Strategic Advantage Assignment

Scenario You are employed as Head of Telephone Sales at Crabtrees Ltd, a long-established company in a growing industry.  The industry is attracting many new competitors who are offering cheaper…

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Business Environment Assignment

Scenario You have gained an internship with the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), an organisation that supports UK businesses through its London office and a network of regional offices. You…

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The Dynamics of Leadership

Scenario You are employed in the Human Resources Department of a business in the tertiary sector, which has grown rapidly since the last recession. The business’ strategic plan is focussed…

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Instructions for Group Assignment

Assignment 1 relates to the of ,the KSB India Pvt Limted  ,assigned to your group and the competition in the industry. The medium-term analysis is to be carried out for…

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The Business Plan: The Business Plan should display a critical analytical and evaluative understanding of the following. Entrepreneurial Thinking Innovation Management Opportunity Spotting Opportunity Evaluation Industry and Market Research Strategy…

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