The CDR is seen to be unnoticed or getting rejected based on showcasing the specialized knowledge and skill base, with engineering application capabilities, values, and attributes. It takes 6-7 years for becoming an engineer and learning on different or difficult skills. One needs to focus on being qualified with submitting a CDR report and understanding over assessing the technical abilities, experience, competency, or language abilities. The applied approach is for proper structure and terminology whereas the CDR report is for considering the essential documents that need to be submitted with it.

The CDR applications are for Engineers Australia assessors might be rejected if:

  1. One does not follow the EA guidelines.
  2. Improper formatting
  3. Lack of indices.
  4. Absence on the essential scanning of documents.
  5. Absence on the evidence of necessary standards.
  6. Presence of plagiarism
  7. Improper presentation for episodes of career, summary statement or CPD.
  8. Irrelevant data and information.
  9. Lack on the proper evidence for substantiating the claims of CDR applications.
What are CDR Reports?

The competency demonstration report is a procedural document which is needed for the skilled migration visa in Australia. The major focus is on emphasizing the skills and competency one has gained through education and on-the-job training. You can make use of CDR to demonstrate the evaluation and conduct of the risks or manage the adequate production volume for healing over the alleged violation process. CDR requirement for Australia is helpful for immigration officers to make use of and determine whether to grant the visa. The CDR reports are for migrating engineers who look for relocating to Australia by going through Engineers Australia and assigning them to survey experts for designing occupations. Migration Skills Assessment is for certifying Australia, or nations with signatories to Sydney Accord.

Why is CDR Report Important for Migrants?

CDR is a Competency Demonstration Report which is a combination of customized documents that are used by Engineers Australia to assess the competency of engineers. It is based on the skills of engineering and communication, management, or leadership. All Engineers who are migrating to Australia from other countries need a CDR report which is effective for Stage 1 skill assessment. The requirements are based on ensuring competent engineers with getting the chance to migrate and work in Australia.

To ensure the set of immigration requirements, the Migration Skills assessment is there on the EA website with the major requirement of skills assessment. This includes the demonstration for Engineers Australia with:

  1. Personal details that include birth certification and passport biodata among others.
  2. There are updates on the resume copy with the showing of employment details along with education.
  3. Evidence of competency is for the English language with other test results which are displayed for IELTS.
  4. The educational qualification and enrollment certificates are for academic transcripts and documents.
  5. There is a letter of employment too.
  6. Three career episodes or the Summary Statements.

There are major parts of the requirement based on Australian skill assessment for determining CDR pathway which is based on the qualification of education, personal identification, and details of employment.

Can I prepare my CDR Report for the Skills Assessment?

Yes, this is possible, for handling the hiring without even hiring a consultant.

  1. There is a major standard for the bulk of materials and applying concepts with writing CDR.
  2. The familiar CDR report includes the requirements with EA and the criteria for assessment too.
  3. The requirements are specifically based on the project engineering to meet the Skill Assessment criteria majorly.

For preparing the full compliance CDR, there are engineers in Australia who have been working on 3 projects of engineering to meet the 16 competency elements that are for proper Skill Assessment outcome.

CDR Report is important for the economical and efficient CDR, RPL and KAA02 which helps in providing the error-free professional report for killed Migration to Australia and New Zealand. The CDR Report is for making a major impact on the career of aspirants in India by taking complete assistance from the best writers of CDR. The CDR report is a combination of different documents and professional engineers with the ability to migrate to Australia and prepare everything by guidelines. The experts take care of the things needed for completing a flawless report. The professional writers are aware of the guidelines that are given for the Migration Skills Assessment booklet by Engineers Australia. There is a need to work on providing them with the best services and helping Australia Skilled Migration with a team that includes PD scholars, researchers, and language experts.

Why are there CDR reports which are rejected by Australians Engineers?

Engineers Australia rejects CSR mainly because of the failure for addressing the competency elements. They are stipulated under the Migration Skills Assessment with summarizing on the summary statement requirements. The CDR gets rejected due to broken phrases and haphazard use of exclamation marks showing how agitated they get till they do not receive the outcome of the CDR; one expects. One does not forget with highly accomplished engineers with glowing career track records are behind them. The only thing they have not been successful in is for CDR to match Engineers Australia guidelines with the latest Migration Skill Assessment (MSA) booklet.

Some of the major mistakes for engineers lead to CDR getting rejected which are:

  1. When you write the episodes for the career and then do not mention the calculations you did and how you did them. This includes diagrams or photos or tables which are difficult for assessors to identify the elements of competency, they are looking for. One needs to ensure details for EA asking for and providing the details on specifications for a better role of the project.
  2. EA guideline includes specification of career Episodes with writing in an essay form. There are several CE paragraphs with the use of bullet points. The Career Episodes have an introduction, the main activity of Engineering that set out to describe, and then there is a summary too. The competency elements are mentioned with proper summary statements as well which are just like an essay and avoid the use of bullet points in CE.
  3. The suggested length is between 1000 to 2500 words with suspecting on detailed EA and recommending guidelines over ANZSCO code descriptions. The parts are for career growth to define competencies.
  4. When you present CDR to EA, there is an official document which is professional standards. You must pay attention to formatting, and correctness with spelling and grammar or the flow of sentences in CEs.
  5. One needs to be sure of problem statements with involvement of what exactly one did in the project for Career Episode.
  6. The CDR rejection is by copying the content from internet sources or CDR which is submitted to Engineers Australia, intentionally or unintentionally. The people tend to copy the career episodes, or the ideas are from CDR samples, they come across. EA has sophisticated software systems to catch instances of plagiarism. Any misleading and false information is a major breach of ethics on the part of the caudate and then this might lead to a negative assessment of CDR too.
How to write CDR report for Engineers Australia Skills?

The competency demonstration report includes the combination with the set of following the primary documents.

  1. It involves the three career episodes.
  2. Summary statements
  3. Continuing Professional Development
  4. CV

With this, there is confirmation based on the nominating of engineering occupation with the Medium- and Long-Term Strategic Skills List. To know about the writing for a good CDR, there are Australian Skills Assessment, which needs to understand Career Episodes and Summary Statement.

For Career Episodes, there are Australia Skills assessment requirements which involves the narrative approaches on the applied engineering knowledge and skills with engineering problems and accomplishing to the engineering tasks or project.

  1. The first step to research includes reviewing and understanding the scope of the nominated occupation, based on the terms of responsibilities.
  2. The understanding is about engineering responsibilities which need to be met, with proceeding to select the projects. To do this, there are identification of major projects or tasks that one accomplishes before and sufficient materials for detailed Career Episodes.
  3. For those with no experience in work, one can write career episodes based on academic projects to allow engineers to degree assessment. The project needs to be relevant to the nominated engineering occupation where project selection is important too.
Steps which are needed for completing the tasks of writing best CDR report
  1. a.There is a need for details as per academic qualifications or capability to apply knowledge in a specific area of the resume.
  2. This will help in mentioning the professional Engineering field and the relevant categories to t.
  3. The essential sharing of experiences with working together as per the details of the name of the project, along with the start, and end name of the project or adding responsibility, losses, and productivity.
  4. It will be good to upgrade the project based on location, duration, responsibilities, or objectives. This would guarantee on CDR report for completing 100% success.
Why Choose us for your CDR?

In our company, we not only write CDR but also work on the systematic procedures for preparing and evaluating projects which are against the requirements, set by Engineers Australia. The case includes noticing any deficiencies with contacting and discussing the way forward. The start for the CDR project includes aligning to MSA guidelines and receiving the CDR with submitting to skill assessment and rejection by Engineers Australia.

CDR Option A has been for clients who have qualified engineering projects. With this, there are providing of project details that are needed to prepare 3 career episodes by filling standardized CDR sheets.

The project requirements are set in line with ANZSCO for the nominated engineering occupation, with the ability to fulfil 16 competency elements. The required document is three filled CDR sheets, a recent CV, filled CPD forms, and other supporting documents which include the report, drawing etc.

The other option for CDR includes how a client wants to transfer the CDR preparation process. It is a choice for clients who have worked on 3 qualified engineering projects, and one cannot provide all the needed information. There are no projects but willing to work on the teams to develop compelling project cases. The project recommendations form, a most recent copy of my CV, and filled CPD forms are the major documents which are needed for it.


For CDR Report, there are experts to help on qualifying the EA parameters which includes:

  1. The start of writing the CDR with understanding the purpose of the report and then reading the EA guidelines too. There are CPD (Continuous Professional Development) lists which are effective for sectioning down details effectively.
  2. Australian English is like British English with a choice of words, spellings, and style of writing. CDR Report includes editors and proofreaders who are adept at quickly spotting any inconsistencies or errors in English and doing corrections as needed. One of the best CDR writings in Australia includes the choice of topics with the competencies EA looking for the candidates applying in the category of occupation of Professional Engineer and Engineering Technologists.
  3. c.EA wants to know about you and not only the company. One needs to understand about rewards and recognitions you must receive with the ability to substantiate claims with proof. Using CDR samples only as references is important with plagiarism the sure shot way to get the CDR rejected by EA.

How CDR Review Australia help me?

The EA might reject CDR and then ask for the resubmission of the same or assessing to less category than you had for aiming for. Engineers are aiming at Visa 189 as Professional engineers who have been disappointed with the CDR assessment outcome with "Engineering Associate" when they do hold the 4-year of bachelor's degree in engineering.

Some of the reasons why CDR gets rejected which include:

  1. Use of excessive details like tables, calculations, or photos.
  2. Writing on the content in the form of bullet points rather than in form of paragraphs.
  3. Copying and pasting anything in the project, with the academic and work-related details.
  4. Describing the project in two career episodes with mentioning different aspects for better project details.
  5. Focusing on the group activity or teamwork without much mention of the roles, one has specifically played in the project.
  6. Though EA allows writing the career episodes in different languages, with advisable approaches in Australian English only. CDR report is not formatted, and it leads to a negative impression on assessors only.
  7. Skipping the details like the profile of the company and objectives, location and CDR report is a major mistake in handling engineers.
Career Episode Writing

Career episode writing is a major aspect for the CDR with Engineers Australia to judge whether skills of engineering and knowledge match Australian standards. It is for Engineers who want to migrate to Australia and apply over the occupational categories by EA for Skilled Migration

  1. Profession Engineers
  2. Engineering Technologists
  3. Engineering Associates
  4. Engineering Managers

EA list competencies over the categories to write Career Episode Report with keeping in mind specific writing to demonstrate competency elements mentioned over the categories that one is applying. CDR is for Australian immigration under a specific format which includes:

  1. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is effective for keeping oneself updated with completing the graduation of engineering.
  2. Three Career Episodes (CE) are essays with the writing to show engineering growth. The essays are long which are between 1000 to 2500 words. The specific period and distinct aspects of engineering experience include how different periods for engineering work showcase different experiences and aspects as an engineer.
  3. Summary Statement: For the CDR, there is a need to understand how Career Episodes relate to the competencies that EA is looking for. The paraphrase of Career Episodes relates to different elements of competency in the profiles desired.

Career Episodes includes applied knowledge and skills for nominated occupation. There are competency elements which are mentioned by EA under specific career related experiences. Some of the career episodes includes:

  1. Engineering projects one undertook, where the workshops are attended and the tech fests one participates in an educational program.
  2. A project you worked on at the time of your career beginning.
  3. The specific position is occupied in career, with not merely having to state what were your key responsibilities or the team achievements.
  4. In a career episode, the focus is on the applications of engineering knowledge and skills you have. The understanding is about how EA assessors look for words like "I designed", "I planned", "I measured" and " I calculated".
  5. For every career episode, there are four sections with Introduction, Background, Personal Engineering Activity and Summary. They should be prepared as follow:
    Introduction: This is for 100 words with the chronology of career episode with the dates and duration of episodes. There is geographical location where it happened, with name of institute or organization involved.
    Background: In 200 to 500 words, there are contexts for studying and working at the same time. The nature and objectives of engineering project, includes the work area to be involved with and the structure chart of organigram which highlights on organization position, with proper description of job, and key responsibilities.
    Personal Engineering Activity: For 500 to 1000 words, there are actual work descriptions which are set to narrate. The focus is on the engineering-related tasks you perform. The skills, and knowledge of the situation include tasks with delegation to you and how one can accomplish them. The focus is on innovation, creative designs, and the unusual strategies with original ideas one comes up with.
    Summary: The Career Episode highlights on engineering related competencies to demonstrate the narrative as well.