Terms Of Service

Please read the terms before proceeding with us through using the terms and service. The improper usage is prohibited strictly and then once you have been able to place an order for the website, the there is a confirmation that you have read and understood or agreed to the different terms and conditions on the website.

Placing and Order and Registration

For this, the order needs to be placed through completing order form with providing a proper application. No service is provided by other means, and the order form is for specifying on the work scope with order parameters, and delivery terms. The personal responsibility is to provide with exact, full, and final information for every standard order form section at the time of filling the order forms. There are affiliate programs which is for targeting at existing customers of company with the aim of program which is for the rewarding of regular clients with credits to personal wallets to drive the new clients for the website. Not only this, but there are also commission rates or rewards which is defined at its own discretion. The approach is for the order forms, with the specifying on scope of work parameters of order and delivery terms. It is important to register and provide with the proper name, email address, country of residence and the telephone numbers. There are multiple accounts which are discovered and then they will be merged at the time of first purchase. We do not entertain

Order Payment and Discount

The payments are for the services which is calculated as per the pricing of company with the payments in advance. When placing an order, we agree to buy the service from the company and then there are services which are made that are authorised as well. The company tend to provide with the equal access to discounts and bonus programs information for each customer in company with no exceptions, and then upon further evaluation, the company might request for the payment or the additional work time for the order.

The company reserves the right to offer discounts and bonus programs to customers based on the discretion through using discount codes for the customer who can work on filling the order form. If the code is not provided in the corresponding order form, then the discount is not possible to be given as well.

Limitation on Use
  • You must be at least 10 years old to subscribe to Australian Assignments. Students under 10 years of age may avail our service only after taking the consent of their parent or legal guardian.
  • The receipt of the services is personally for you and you may not transfer your rights to access the course materials or to receive the services to another person unless we have mutually agreed in writing to do so.
  • We grant you limited authority to use our services for personal non-commercial purpose. You may modify copy, download, distribute, display, perform, transmit, publish, reproduce, duplicate or offer for sale any information obtained from Australian Assignments, but with written consent.
  • By registering or using the services of Australian Assignments, you affirm that you will use information provided by the expert for study purpose only and that you will not submit this information as original student work for course credit or grade.
  • Any violation of these terms related to use of Australian Assignments or its services will terminate your license granted by us.

Charges We reserve the right to charge membership fees or subscription for using any of our service.

SeverabilityIf any of these terms becomes unenforceable as a whole or in part, validity of other terms of the contract will remain unaffected.

AmendmentsWe reserve the sole right to amend terms and conditions without serving notice to you. The latest version of terms and conditions will supersede previous versions.

TerminationWe reserve the sole right to terminate whole or part of service agreement at any time.

Entire AgreementTerms of Service made in the latest agreement between client and Australian Assignments will supersede and terminate all the prior agreements.

SubscriptionBy registering or subscribing to our services. The user accepts to receive the subscription email about Australian Assignments service updates or any other promotional offers.