Privacy Policy

We need to understand about the concern of privacy and policy of the personal details. For this, it is important to ensure and hold the ethical standards based on the awareness of our policy. The personal information is evaluated based on:

  1. The information about the students which is strictly kept in the company.
  2. It is important to not share or detail out the order work to other people, as it might lead to plagiarism.
  3. Please be ensured that the solution is unique because it is kept between the expert and the client.
  4. We do not have the access to the solutions, as we do not support plagiarism.
  5. The payments are handled through different payment gateways, and we ensure that the payments through credit, debit or the bank transfers are done instantly. For this, the payments are also faster, easy and secured with different options that are provided by Google Pay, Mastercard, visa, Amex, Alipay etc. We have been trying to improve the bank payments so that the client can directly transfer to the bank account as well.
  6. We try to work on reviewing and focusing on the disclosures to protect our rights and comply to the judicial proceedings or court order, which is served on the website.
  7. We value our privacy and would like to inform that you will be receiving the emails after you sign up with our services. We treat the email ids with proper care and do not share with anyone.
Cancellation & Refund Policy URL

The company is responsible majorly for the timely delivery of our services as per the requirements of customers, which is indicated in the order. It is also about the commitment by the company and any commitment which are violated, will be entitled for partial or full reimbursement, depending upon final decision of our Experience Management Executive.

Our policy will also give the major right to request on reimbursement with service failure to fulfil the duties towards you. With the services, one can offer the legitimate academic assistance with being 100% sure on how one can be left satisfied completely. As per our experience, our experience and satisfaction rate are high. It is seen that more than 95% of the customers return with the consequential orders, with sometimes, if something goes wrong, then you can always refer to our policy of refund. We look forward to emphasizing on the situations which can be helpful for our customer, and in major circumstances we provide full refund too. There are refunds or cancellation of the order as well. If the order is not allocated to any of the expert, it means, this is a rare situation, where the assignment cannot be done by our expert. Hence, in this situation, with the apology, we provide 150% of the refund, as we will be making false commitment. This happens in a very rare situation. If such a situation occurs, then the customer will be notified for the same.

The tutor on the other hand, if confirm the order will be able to work on the deadline and they generally try to deliver the work in time. If you being a customer want to cancel the order, then it needs to be done within 2 hours of booking. Due to our improved customer experience, we try to ensure that we deliver the work before time to our customer, and so we allocate the work to the experts as well.

If there is a late delivery of the work, then it is in the hands of customer to be entitled for the credits in their account, for the work. The customer reserves the right, depending on the delay and loss that has been done to the customer. It is majorly in the case if the expert is ill, or other unseen circumstances.

On-time delivery of the assignments are ensured with the proper guarantee that the orders, if delayed can be due to the needed materials which are not provided. Hence, if it is uploaded too late, then it can lead to the delay in the delivery of work. It is always good to understand the tasks information and provide the details in time with any of additional sources. It must also be used all at once at the time to place an order.

Work As Not Described

The company works in a customized manner with tailoring for requirements of customer. Not only this, but we also work on providing a proper drafting based on development as per feedback of customer. We work on disputes as well, and our system is very fast. You just need to discuss about the concerns on WhatsApp, LIVE CHAT, or email, and we will be responding you in 24 hours. Our customer is always our priority and so we always look forward, if by any chance, we can make them happy. We provide a proper documentation in the time of 7 days of receiving the work, with the reason of refund. Not only this, but the plagiarism is also a serious offence and we do not comply to give our clients any such work. Hence, for this, we ensure that our work is non-plagiarised, but it also depends on the demand of client.

Duplicate Transaction

In case of duplicate transaction, a simple message on WhatsApp, LIVE CHAT or email is fine, so that we can easily refund it. Our refund proof will be sent to you quickly, and it will be credited in 4 to 7 working days, depending on the bank. Our customers are liable for 100% refund on the same.

No Refunds

Considering a lot of situations, we do not provide refunds, if there are less grades received by the student. We ensure a proper quality of work, and we are also tailored as draft samples only with the point of tolerance which is not ready for submission or not submitted as one’s own work. The change of deadline and the delay due to the same, or recalculation in the pricing does not apply as there are different end of dates for it. The ending, proofreading, formatting of orders is important to understand for mentioned services. It contains original content written and might also contain errors of contextual nature.

Response or Refund Processing Timelines

Considering the work, the customer has a complete right on the opinion for the quality of work with the delivery that is certainly different. Hence, there is a possibility to get the refund. But for this, 7 working days will be needed for properly evaluating on the requests of decisions made. With this, any of the claims or complaints, through the account will be laid majorly in terms of the policy.