BM1984 Employee Relations Management Assignment

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1.         Learning Outcomes

After the completion of this project, learners will be able to:

  • Explain the concept of Tripartism, as well as the role and activities of employers, trade unions, and the government in industrial relations.
  • Examine the foundations of effective collective bargaining.
  • Review the importance of effective grievance handling in dispute settlement.

2.         Requirements

In this assignment, learners are to assume the role of an Industrial Relations Officer (IRO) in a chosen registered business entity in Singapore. The report should include:

  1. Cover Page – Include a cover page with the project title, name and admission number, tutorial group, name of tutor, and name of chosen registered business entity.
  2. Concept of Tripartism – Write a 1-page executive report explaining to the senior management of the chosen registered entity on the role and relationship of tripartism in Singapore’s industrial relations system. You may include relevant graphics for clarity, stating relevant terms and examples.
  3. Grievance handling procedure guide – An employee in the company has lodged a formal case of unfair performance appraisal. Recommend an ideal grievance handling procedure, in a form of a reference guide e.g. flowchart, detailing the steps, duration/timelines, roles and required documents (where appropriate). The guide should include end-to-end from how an employee lodge a formal report, to how the IRO closes the case.
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