Strategic Procurement, Partnerships and Outsourcing

Background to this assessment The field of procurement and supply chain management plays a pivotal role in the success of organizations across various industries. In today’s dynamic and competitive business…

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International Supply Chain Management

Assessment topics Legislation and regulatory frameworks International business Trends Risks Background to this assessment Organisations that perform well in terms of legal compliance and social acceptability tend to be more…

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The Dynamics of Leadership

Scenario You are employed in the Human Resources Department of a business in the tertiary sector, which has grown rapidly since the last recession. The business’ strategic plan is focussed…

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Instructions for Group Assignment

Assignment 1 relates to the of ,the KSB India Pvt Limted  ,assigned to your group and the competition in the industry. The medium-term analysis is to be carried out for…

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Management of Emerging Technology

Course   learning outcomes covered LO2 Analyze the application of digital technologies in organizational change and the implications of such on both the organization and its people. Task Analyze how the…

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Knowledge Management

TASK 1 You are required to write a report entitled: ‘Knowledge management in organisational contexts’ It must be presented in TWO (2) sections. Section1. The scope and purpose of knowledge management in…

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Strategic and Operational Management Case Study

Mr. Mohamed, the director of the company “StarDZ”, expressed the wish that you prepare a file highlighting the relationships between profitability and risk, both from an economic and financial point…

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The Business Plan: The Business Plan should display a critical analytical and evaluative understanding of the following. Entrepreneurial Thinking Innovation Management Opportunity Spotting Opportunity Evaluation Industry and Market Research Strategy…

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